Statement of Best Practices for Waterfront Distribution

As communications professionals reaching out to waterfront property owners, we feel very strongly that materials delivered to docks need to be presented in a responsible manner. Delivering materials in a sloppy, haphazard, or inconsiderate fashion is not fair to the Muskoka environment, to the property owners, or to the advertisers. As such, we commit to the following:


• Materials will be delivered in a watertight, sealed container such as a clear plastic bag. Bags will be a minimum of 4 mm thick to prevent piercing, and will be reusable or recyclable.

• Delivery staff will not step out of their boat or enter private property.

• Delivery staff will not intrude on an individual’s private space. If the dock is occupied when delivery takes place, our materials will only be delivered with permission.

• Materials will be fastened to a dock ladder, mooring cleat, or some other part of the dock using a non-intrusive fastener such as a twist tie. Permanent fasteners, such as staples, are not acceptable. Fasteners will be sufficient to hold the materials in place during a wind storm, but will be easily removed.

• Materials of sufficient weight may be placed carefully on a dock without additional fasteners, provided that the materials are flat and offer little wind resistance. Materials will be tested for wind resistance before distribution.

• We will offer property-owners a point of contact should they not wish to receive the materials. Property owners will need to provide a clear way to identify their property, ideally including GPS coordinates.



Unsubscribing from Dockside delivery

If you wish to stop receiving Dockside magazine, please help us identify your dock. GPS co-ordinates are the best way for us to identify your dock with precision. Take a reading from the dock itself, rather than from the cottage.

In the absence of GPS coordinates, supply the following information:


• Name of your lake

• Name of your bay or island (if any)

• Specific details about your location (ie “Northwest point of island” or “Third cottage west of the river mouth”)

• Identifying features of your dock, boathouse or cottage that distinguish it from your neighbours.




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